How to Order at In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out Burger is one of the best fast food places in California. They have also expanded to Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Oregon, and Texas. In total, In-N-Out has 304 stores. Each store is the same, from the menus to the way each order takes place.

As an INO pro, I know exactly what makes one of their order takers tick. For example:

“I would like a cheeseburger with grilled onions, easy on the spread, and no tomatoes.

For each burger, the cashier has to create it. There are a standard set of keys for common burgers like “no onions” or “grilled onions.” However, when you take an item off the burger, the cashier has to redo the entire burger. Instead, order your burger like so:

“I’d like a cheeseburger with no tomatoes, easy on the spread, and with grilled onions, please.”

If you’re a fellow INO pro, you also know about the milkshakes coming in different sizes. The 3 sizes are regular, large, and extra large. Ordering a “small” ¬†shake will net you the regular size, but when ordering a medium, the cashier doesn’t know if you want the regular size or the next size up. I’ve seen a customer get pissed off at a worker for receiving the wrong size shake. Just avoid that altercation by learning the menu!

Lastly, don’t repeat your order for the cashier unless they ask you to. It’s the cashier’s job to take your order; they can repeat it faster and more accurately! Just ask them to slow down if they go too quick.

Overall, INO possesses a very simple menu. It is still easy for a cashier to make a mistake, but knowing their menu will greatly reduce the chances of you receiving an incorrect order. Keep this in mind next time you plan a trip to the most delicious burger spot on the west coast!


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