Florida Woman Live-Streams Herself Driving Drunk, Hit With DUI

    Some people are just flat out stupid. Florida has been known to be home of a lot of crazy people, but this lady just about takes the cake.

    Using Periscope, a 23-year old Florida woman, named Whitney Beall, live-streamed her eventful evening on the town. She admits to being “—-ing drunk,” while driving around for about an hour.

    Periscope users were asking Beall to stop driving. One user told her this:

    “You’ll get there faster if you stop and get out and walk.”

    Beall wound up crashing into a road sign, and was arrested thanks to numerous 911 calls by viewers. I’m glad that nobody was seriously harmed during this incident, but I believe this lady should face a hefty penalty. She was broadcasting this to the entire world, almost as if she was showing off how belligerent she was.

    I hope her license gets taken away, she must complete an alcohol rehabilitation program, do community service, and pay a fine larger than a normal first-time offender receives. What if the road sign was a person? People like this don’t deserve to drive.


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