Nintendo’s Newest Console, NX, Aims to Take Down PS4/Xbox One

Nintendo gamers are anxiously awaiting the 2016 release of the newest console the Nintendo NX. With the Wii U performing terribly (10 million units sold), Nintendo will be attempting to create a console that will put them on the same level as Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One.

The new console is rumored to be partially portable, similar to how the Wii U allows players to play on the controller within a certain distance of the system. All new Mario, Pokemon, and Zelda games will be made, which means Nintendo cannot afford to screw up another generation for their dedicated fan base.

The NX is expected to use the x86 APU, just like PS4 and XBO. This will mark the first time that all 3 manufacturers use the same chipset! However, there are reports that Nintendo won’t be trying to compete with the PS4’s power level.

Vegeta assesses NX's potential power

Nintendo is expected to keep developing for the 3DS and Wii U for now, but gamers are worried that Nintendo will go all-in on the NX. Of course, these are all rumors for now. We won’t know anything official until 2016, but I expect the new console to drop just in time for Christmas next year. Get ready, gamers!


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