Ronda Rousey KO’d; Holly Holm Wins Woman’s Bantamweight Title

Ronda Rousey was the most unbeatable athlete in the world. She had dominated opponents ever since joining the UFC, which included a 3-match win streak that spanned 64 seconds. It seemed like she would reign as champion forever. But all it took was a kick to the neck.

Holly Holm is the new Woman’s Bantamweight champion because she simply outclassed Rousey. Ronda had never faced an opponent with striking skills like those of Holm. And that would serve to be the end of her title run. After 6 straight title defenses, Rousey has been taken down.

During the first fifteen seconds of the fight, nothing really happened. Usually by then, Rousey is almost finished with her fights. Instead, Holm was timing Rousey’s strikes, and made excellent counters to tag her opponent en route to becoming champion.

Holm connectes with several left strikes to the face of Rousey, before Rousey finally tried to bring the fight to the ground. Rousey attempted an armbar submission, but Holm was never in any real danger.

In the second round, Rousey got wild. At one point, she swung and whiffed so bad that she ran into the cage. About 50 seconds into the round, Rousey threw a weak clinch attempt. That ended up turning Rousey around, and when she looked back it was too late. Holm landed a monster kick to Rousey’s neck, knocking her out cold in the middle of the Octagon.

UFC president, Dana White, all but said there will be a rematch. If Rousey doesn’t immediately receive a rematch, I’d be blown away. There are no other serious contenders on Rousey’s and Holm’s level.

I guarantee that Rousey will have a completely different gameplan next time. She fought way too wild, and her poor striking defense caught up with her. Holly Holm deserves a lot of credit, but don’t count out “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey.


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