Meet the Roots

Greetings to the readers of The Talking Tree,

I am a 25-year-old who recently graduated from Cal Berkeley with a Bachelor’s degree in English. My dream career goals are to pursue a job in the sports writing field and/or to one day become an English professor for a community college (I spent a few years at Sierra College in Rocklin, CA before transferring to Cal, so the inspiration to teach came from my years spent there).

Furthermore, I have known the editor of the Talking Tree, Justin, for a few years now. We worked together at the Little Caesars in Auburn, CA where he and his wife first met. I like telling people I helped bring them together, which is something I felt the need to share at their wedding reception just a short while ago.

As I said before, I want to be a sports writer. My favorite pro sports teams are (in no particular order): the Sacramento Kings, the Dallas Cowboys, and the San Francisco Giants. I may give you insight into why these are my teams in future blog posts.

In short, this is my first attempt at writing for a blog. I cannot wait to hear everyone’s, good or bad, feedback.

– Mike Medley